Where Can I Buy Melatonin: What you might not know about contraception. Gynecology

Where Can I Buy Melatonin: What you might not know about contraception. Gynecology

What you might not know about contraception … Gynecology

Modern hormone-containing implants, transdermal patches, as well as combined oral contraceptives, which not only perform a protective function, but also have a beneficial effect on the health and beauty of women, have appeared. But how to understand all this diversity? And is there a universal remedy? These and other questions are answered by a doctor of the highest category, an obstetrician-gynecologist with professional experience of more than 29 years, a leading specialist of the clinic Frau Klinik, Podolskaya Tatyana Viktorovna.

Today, everyone knows about contraception, and the most common means is a condom. But how effective is its use? Why are there such a variety of protection methods today? And is there a cure-all?

Yes, it is true, today a condom is the most affordable contraceptive. But it is not always effective enough, because, firstly, when it is used, a certain “skill” is required of the man, and, secondly, the materials (latex) and additional components (dyes, lubricant, fragrances) that are used in the manufacture These products can cause various allergic reactions, even anaphylactic shock. Fortunately, this latex allergy is found in no more than 5% of people.

To date, there are many other methods of contraception. The most reliable means are those in which the “Pearl Index” approaches 100%. Also, this indicator is called the “failure index”; it shows the number of pregnancies per 100 women. The lower the resulting number, the higher the degree of protection. Uterine spirals are most effective, but not every patient can be installed. There is a whole list of contraindications to their use, first of all, these are cervical pathologies, erosion, various inflammatory processes, but everything is individual, therefore there is no panacea, and it cannot exist.

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– How is it necessary to approach the choice of contraception?

This question is best discussed in consultation with your general obstetrician-gynecologist. Only on the basis of your history, it is possible to choose a tool that is most suitable for you.

– What can you say about such methods as interrupted sexual intercourse? Also, many refer to the calendar method and spermicides …

Unfinished intercourse is recognized where where i can buy melatonin as the most unreliable method of contraception, the calendar method and spermicides also do not give full guarantees, since ovulation can be shifted.

Where Can I Buy Melatonin: What you might not know about contraception. Gynecology

– As far as is known, many women install contraceptive coils, implants where can i buy melatonin, rings. Is it risky to health? After all, there are cases when women simply forget about them. How often do you need to change them? What are they dangerous? Are there any negative consequences from their use?

Spirals are usually set for up to 5 years. This is a fairly common and effective method. Yes, it happens that women forget about the established spiral, but with regular visits to the gynecologist, problems usually do not arise. Today the choice of spirals is quite diverse, including the widely used hormone-containing spirals, for example, Mirena. Menstruation in the presence of a spiral is weakly expressed where can i buy melatonin or not at all. Implants, in turn, are placed for a shorter period – 3-6 months. Rings “NovaRing” – for 21 days. Their action is also due to hormones that provide contraceptive and therapeutic function.

Also today there are hormonal patches for buy melatonin contraception. It is believed that their effects on the body are more benign due to percutaneous (transdermal) administration. They, like the rings, are applied for 3 weeks, buy melatonin, with a week break. During menopausal therapy, patches can be used continuously.

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– The most controversial method is oral contraceptives. Why are there so many myths around these pills, doctors argue about their necessity, and women themselves are afraid to take them? How safe is this contraceptive method? Are there any “pitfalls” in their reception?

Today, oral contraception has changed completely. If in the first generation of birth control pills contained high doses of hormones, which had a rather serious effect on the female body – a significant weight gain, pathologies of the mammary glands and ovaries, as well as other diseases, then today the doses of hormones correspond to the natural indicators of the female body every certain day. cycle. Therefore, to date, the use of combined oral contraceptives is safe, but their reception should be coordinated with your doctor.

The main concerns in women are increased risks from endometrial, mammary gland and ovarian pathologies. The hormone estrogen can provoke the development of various diseases. Therefore, before prescribing oral contraceptives to a woman, a gynecologist examines the condition of her endocrine system, vascular system, liver and kidneys to eliminate the risk of thrombosis, thromboembolism, hepatic and renal failure, the patient also needs to pass a whole range of tests, including coagulogram, biochemical blood test, undergo ultrasound diagnostics of the pelvic organs and mammary glands. If there are no contraindications, an individually selected drug is prescribed to the woman.

Modern drugs, such as “Jess”, “Klayra”, in addition to contraceptive action, have a good cosmetic effect: the amount of acne is reduced, the production of sebum is regulated, the structure of the skin and the condition of the hair are improved.

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– Most contraceptives — spirals, rings, oral contraceptives — are for women. Is there “male” contraception?

Where Can I Buy Melatonin: What you might not know about contraception. Gynecology

Yes, in addition to the most common means – a condom – there is a procedure for bandaging the spermatic cord in men. In the west, it is quite widely used. Its main advantage is its reversibility buy melatonin. But it is better to ask this question to the appropriate specialist – urologist.

– What can you say about post-coital contraception?

Emergency contraception is a rather controversial method. Today, in every pharmacy without a prescription you can buy the appropriate drugs. But they are not without side reactions. Therefore, in such a situation, first of all, it is advisable to contact your gynecologist.

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