Sleep disorders? Here are 14 tips for a more restful night

Sleep disorders? Here are 14 tips for a more restful night

Sleep disorders are a common phenomenon. You are not alone with that. We give you tips for a better sleep.

Sleep disorders are on the rise: the number of people in Germany who are unable to sleep or sleep is increasing. This is shown by the figures of DAK health. Since 2010, the number of working with sleep disorders has increased by 66 percent. According to this, every tenth employee suffers from particularly severe sleep disorders – an increase of 60 percent since 2010.

Sleep disorders can have different causes – from environmental noise at night to stress at work or in the family, to a generally wrong approach to sleep.

Eating and drinking can affect sleep as well. It may also help to change your habits a bit or change the bedroom – after all, the night should be restful and not a reason to get angry.

Coffee and coke as well as black or green tea awake. Because caffeine and tein stimulate the heart and circulation. In sensitive people even up to 14 hours long. You may be one of those people. Try to abstain from these drinks from noon.

Wine and beer disturb the dream sleep

Alcohol is appreciated by some as a sleep aid. Because two glasses of beer or wine relax and make you tired. But be careful: First, alcohol can be addictive if it becomes a regular companion. Second, it shortens certain sleep phases, the so-called REM phases . This is the time of colorful dream pictures . Because alcohol interferes with this phase, those concerned tend to wake up at night, especially in the second half of the night. Then many can not fall asleep.

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Tired at the workplace

That’s why we sleep badly from Sunday to Monday

By Ilona Kriesl

Cigarettes do not promote sleep either. Because nicotine acts as a stimulant for the brain. That’s why it bothers sleep. If you want to avoid the stimulating effect of nicotine, you should stop smoking for three or four hours before bedtime. In addition, tobacco causes lung damage. If you can not breathe well, you can not sleep well.

Nibbling at night makes you sleepless and fat

A full stomach not only makes you dream bad, but also sleeps badly. Best of all, you do not eat large quantities three hours before going to bed. The same applies to drinking. Otherwise, your stomach and intestines are heavily occupied, making sleep more restless and superficial. Have you slept and woke up in the middle of the night, you should not eat anything. Because the body gets used to the sweets, he wakes you regularly and drives you to the fridge again and again.

Sport and exercise are healthy. But not right before bed. Because strong effort activates the so-called sympathetic nervous system. This network controls the entire body the control circuits that put the organism in the willingness to perform: it stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the pulse. Several hours pass until the nervous system shuts down again. Exploitation should be during the day: This prolongs the deep sleep and improves sleep.

Sleep disorders

Relax before falling asleep

Better is, you let the day end slowly. Give yourself two hours before bedtime, both physically and mentally. If you are worried or have serious thoughts, perhaps it will help you to write the hardships in a diary. This helps to process the burdensome problems and banish them for the night.

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Humans are creatures of habits. That’s why sleep rituals help. With it you can tune your body to slumber. In principle, it does not matter which ritual you choose, the main thing is that you regularly follow it before falling asleep. Some listen to  music , others always go for the same walk. Or you brush your teeth, close the door, extinguish the light – always in the same order. The ritual should not take more than 30 minutes.

Do not look at the alarm clock!

Sleep myths in the check

Is it possible to catch up on sleep? And helps wine fall asleep?

If you wake up at night, you should not look at the alarm clock. Because the look on the clock usually triggers mental and physical reactions that impede sleep. Just turn your alarm clock so that you can not see it at night. Also, do not turn on a bright light: light activates our internal clock and awakens. Then you come out of the sleep rhythm completely. If you need light, use a dim lighting.

In your bedroom, you should feel really comfortable. Pay attention to the right temperature: 16 to 18 degrees Celsius are considered optimal. At night it should be really dark in the room. If you see a street lamp in it, grab light-absorbing curtains. As far as possible, avoid sources of noise. Ideally, the room should only be there for the night and not serve as a study or storage room.

In bed, only two things are sleep-inducing: sleep and sex

If possible, use the bed only for sleeping – and during sex, if you want. Do not watch television, eat, read, ponder, argue and do not call in bed! Otherwise, you will unconsciously associate the sleeping place with active activities – this can disturb your sleep. Only go to bed when you are really tired.

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If you can not fall asleep, do not stay awake in bed and roll back and forth in annoyance. Get up and go to another room. Do something boring, for example, listen to quiet music. Do not lie down until you feel really sleepy. If you still can not fall asleep, repeat the whole thing. But you always get up at the same time in the morning, if possible also on weekends and on vacation.

Naps a day prevent sleep at night. In the evening you are not tired enough to sleep well. Especially nasty is a nap in front of the TV or with the book in the evening in the hand: This is quite disturbing your sleep rhythm.

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