Relaxation exercises: Pampering for body and soul

Pampering for body and soul

If you are in trouble or stressed out, you are sleeping badly. On the other hand, relaxation procedures help: they restore calm in the body and mind. Which method you choose is a matter of taste.

Anger, stress , worry – that makes sleep bad. You may need more than half an hour to fall asleep and you may wake up at night. You do not have to accept that: you can learn to sleep without disorders! Relaxation exercises can help you to prepare the body for rest. The methods reduce the level of arousal: they reduce the heartbeat and relax the muscles.

It’s best to learn relaxation techniques under expert guidance. There are offers with individual or group lessons. At home or at work you can practice what you have learned – preferably during the day or in the evening. If you like, you can also get literature, CDs or videos for the corresponding method. This allows you to deepen what you have learned.

Works fast: muscle relaxation after Jacobson

The best known method is muscle relaxation according to Jacobson. It is also called progressive muscle relaxation or deep muscle relaxation. Doing exercises that relax the muscles. Because who is nervous and emotionally charged, automatically cramps. The muscles dissolve, the mood dissolves with you, you will be calmer.

You will learn how to first tighten various muscle groups so that you can relax them immediately afterwards. This body tension game helps you to know when and where your muscles are stiffening. This is how you learn to recognize stress-related cramps in the body and to counteract them at an early stage.

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Those who master the method can release both physically and mentally at the push of a button – during a break during the day or in the evening before falling asleep. Many people have been able to manage their sleep disorders with progressive muscle relaxation. Initial successes of the training are quite fast. Therefore, the method is often recommended by sleep doctors. In severe chronic sleep disorders , the success is not quite as fast – the best are the chances, if you only have a few weeks sleep problems.

Sleep disorders

Take a deep breath: autogenic training

Second in the recommended procedures is autogenic training. With this method, you put yourself in a kind of self-hypnosis. In different exercises you will learn to consciously perceive and relax individual body parts.

From the outside, you do almost nothing. In fact, you practice deliberately breathing calmly and evenly. And you focus on thoughts and feelings that you find soothing and soothing. Those who practice long enough can even influence the heartbeat and breathing with this method. However, you need patience for that: it often takes months or even years to succeed.

Sleep disorders

The Indian Art of Serenity: Yoga

Other methods can also lead to inner harmony and serenity. One of the best known is Yoga, an original philosophical doctrine from India. Their goal is the union of body and soul. The way to get there is described differently by the various forms of yoga. Above all, the physical exercises of teaching are popular in Western Europe and North America. These include the asanas and the breathing exercises pranayama.

Tai Chi and Qigong are Far Eastern panaceas. Shadow boxing Tai Chi promotes concentration, balancing inner and outer balance. The slow movements, which are reminiscent of slow-motion martial arts, are popular with many Chinese as an everyday sport. If breathing alone is not enough for relaxation, Tai Chi will certainly like it well: here, too, the body has to do something. More versatile is qigong, another method of traditional Chinese medicine: it includes meditation, movement and breathing techniques.

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Just do what you want!

Whichever relaxation method you choose depends entirely on your taste and well-being. Unfortunately, science can not help you with the selection: which method works best and which method best suits which type is still not sufficiently researched.

However, studies have shown that relaxation exercises help people fall asleep more quickly and also help them sleep at night. But it may be that one way or another does not help you. If you’re having that experience, just try another – your sleep will show you what’s good for you.

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