Melatonin: TOP 5 anti-aging treatments. Cosmetology

Melatonin: TOP 5 anti-aging treatments. Cosmetology

Top 5 anti-aging procedures. Cosmetology

Aging is a natural physiological process for every organism. Every woman faces it. At the age of about 25 years, the first wrinkles appear, the skin begins to lose moisture, by the age of 30 nasolabial folds begin to appear, the first wrinkles on the forehead, by the age of 40, the tone of the facial muscles gradually decreases, puffiness worries. But all changes occur systematically, so we can ignore them for a long time.

The most “dangerous” stage of the aging process is considered to be menopause – the moment when the woman’s body is completely rebuilt: the menstruation has already stopped, and, accordingly, the woman’s hormonal background changes completely. There is no definite framework for the onset of this “critical” moment – much depends on genetics, lifestyle and other related factors. Climax can catch up at the age of 45, or it can “come” only at 70, but it is important to prepare for this moment. Today we will talk about how to maintain its feminine attractiveness and help your body cope with external changes.

Many women are afraid of menopause – the body during this period begins to “behave” completely differently: the weight ceases to be stable, the “tides” and “ebbs” begin, the beneficial effect of hormones stops, which affects the elasticity of blood vessels, bone strength, etc. . body systems, as well as reflected in appearance.

“It is these changes – external aging – that are very painfully tolerated by women. The appearance of the skin deteriorates, the absence of hormones, which are responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin, leads to the destruction of natural collagen and elastin. The number of wrinkles increases dramatically. The sebaceous glands reduce their activity, which leads to flaking and dry skin. The muscles of the face lose their tone and descend, flakes appear, deep wrinkles, the process of facial skeletonization begins – the process of losing its volumes – and, unfortunately, only home care during this period is not enough, – says Maria Balahin Samborskaya, the cosmetologist of the clinic.

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We are often referred to the clinic by women who are experiencing a “sharp” aging. There is a choice in front of them: to be operated on by a plastic surgeon or to consult a cosmetologist. There is no panacea here. We also understand that many women are not ready for such a radical step as plastic surgery, which is why today there are many alternative non-surgical methods that can restore the elasticity and tone of the skin, stopping the processes of its fading. ”

Especially for readers of together with the specialist of the clinic Frau Klinik – an expert of the Channel One project “10 years younger” – Samborskaya Maria Dmitrievna, we have compiled the top 5 most effective anti-age procedures in cosmetology.

1. Ultrasonic lifting Altera

Melatonin: TOP 5 anti-aging treatments. Cosmetology

“Altera lifting is the latest development in the field of hardware cosmetology, which allows to achieve the effect of a surgical facelift. Ultrasound is able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, providing a thorough warming of problem areas even in such hard-to-reach places as the chin, upper eyelids, and cheek-cheekbone zone. Also, due to the effects of ultrasound, it is possible to reduce the subcutaneous fat deposits, for example, to remove the second chin. ”

2. Laser resurfacing + RF lifting

“Initially, laser resurfacing was developed to combat post-acne elements, its principle of operation is quite simple – under the action of a laser, the surface layers of the skin“ evaporate ”, which leads to the renewal of the upper layers of the epidermis. Subsequently, it was observed that laser polishing smoothes the skin, removes wrinkles, pigmentation, and also starts the natural regeneration processes (production of collagen and elastin). Today we have gone even further, combining grinding with RF lifting: thanks to this, deeper heating of the tissues became possible, and, as a result, a more pronounced lifting effect. ”

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3. Facelift with threads

“The first threads that began to be used for facelift were“ golden threads ”. Their use was a breakthrough in cosmetology. They allowed to “fix” the face, smooth out large folds and creases on the skin, raise problem areas. Later, the cosmetology community concluded that the introduction of non-absorbable materials into the skin is quite dangerous, primarily because of the high risk of rejection. In this regard, biodegradable were developed – absorbable polylactic acid filaments, which tightly entered the arsenal of modern cosmetology. Today, thread lifting is one of the most popular procedures, which has not only a mechanical lifting effect, but also a biorestructuring effect on the skin, restoring its ability to regenerate, which is lost with age. ”

4. PRP-therapy

“PRP-therapy is an injection method of administering platelet-rich blood to a patient’s blood. The procedure activates regenerative and metabolic processes in the skin and allows you to solve problems such as dryness, wilting, reduced elasticity, as well as to eliminate atrophic changes. “

5. Botox injections and facial contour correction

Melatonin: TOP 5 anti-aging treatments. Cosmetology

“Botulinum therapy is one of the most effective cosmetic methods. Proper procedure allows you to remove facial wrinkles in the eyes, forehead, raise eyebrows, correct chin, make facial expression more friendly. Also, botulinum therapy slows the aging process of the skin, preventing the formation of deep folds and creases.

Another effective method of dealing with age-related skin changes is facial contour surgery with hyaluronic acid fillers. This procedure is completely safe, since hyaluronic acid is a natural and fully biodegradable structural component of the human body. With this procedure, it is possible to fill in the missing volumes in the facial area, stopping the process of tissue skeletonization (eliminate nasolabial folds, nasolacrimal furrows under the eyes, simulate the cheekbones, enlarge the chin and correct the temporal region). With proper application of this method, it is possible to completely eliminate all age-related manifestations from the face. ”

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